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024: Temperature Blanket; March Edition

Since my first post I have… started over completely. Multiple times. I didn’t like one of the purples, feeling it pulled too much towards pink, and bought a different shade and started over. I also mathed it all out and discovered it will end up a little short, so in addition to a border on the top and bottom (and sides, I decided I’d be way more likely to carry yarn along the sides than actually picking up 700+ stitches and knit on borders when I’m done) I made a little border between each month. It’s about 2 cm wide, which adds an extra 22 cm. So we have 175 cm (blanket) + 10 cm (outside border) + 22 (inside border) which should mean I’ll end up with a 197 cm long blanket, which works since a bed is about 200 cm long.


This is how wide it is. I didn’t actually measure, but my bed is 120 cm wide, so I’d guess about 130 cm? Also pictured: one cat, two knitting projects, and an awesome cup of coffee.

The pattern in question is super easy:

Cast on 179 sts.

Work 5 cm (12 rows) of seed stitch. Knit one row in same colour as first row in pattern (to keep from the black showing up in the purl sections, I don’t like when it does).

After that:

RS: Sl 1, 8 sts seed stitch in black, (K5, p7) to last 14, k5, 9 sts seed stitch in black.

WS: Sl 1, 8 sts seed stitch in black, (P5, k7) to last 14, p5, 9 sts seed stitch in black.

I do six rows of this (since 6 x 5 = 30 and each month is 30ish days) before switching it around to:

RS: Sl 1, 8 sts seed stitch in black, p6 (k5, p7) to last 22, k5, p6, 9 sts seed stitch in black.

WS: Sl 1, 8 sts seed stitch in black, k6 (p5, k7) to last 22, p5 k6, 9 sts seed stitch in black.

When it’s time for a border I do a knit row before beginning seed stitch to avoid the evil black purl stitches (unsure why I hate them so much?).


Still trying to figure out how to mark out snow and other stuff like that. I experimented with making little “snowflakes”, but tbh embroidering on very loosely knitted fabric is a nightmare. I think I either need to wait until I have lined the blanket (sadly necessary because of the tangled mess on the back), or do something in duplicate stitch. I just wasn’t happy with the results when I did it intarsia style, and decided to just leave it for now and decide later. Theoretically embroidery would be awesome! But I’m… not good at it. Especially not on knit fabric. So I’m still thinking on that part.

So we’ll see. But I’m not bored yet, which considering my adhd is amazing.




023: Temperature Blanket

Looks like it’s time for my annual ‘I just paid for the domain, I should use this blog occasionally’ post! I don’t think I’ll try to do the book blogging thing this year since it’s obviously not My Thing, but I might do a recap of 2019 at some point, if I remember to do so.

Right now I’m just going to talk about my new obsession, the Temperature Blanket. I honestly don’t do big projects, usually, but this one caught my attention, and I decided to try it. I’m not that far along yet because I keep changing my mind, and then I ran out of yarn, so… yeah. I’m partly through January.

The yarn is called Yarn and Colors Epic 8/8, and is a 100% cotton yarn in the worsted weight category. The colours are A LOT brighter compared to the website, which is a little annoying but tbh cheap yarn is necessary, and there was a lot of colour ways, so here we are.

I added a little bit of a seed stitch border on the bottom, because my math said that if I do a single row per day the blanket will only be 175 cm long (my bed is 200 cm), and if I do two per day it’ll be 350 cm, which… is way too big. So, I’m undecided, but I have two options:

  1. I’m going to keep this black border, and then add one to the sides when the blanket is done as I didn’t want to carry yarn along both sides, and also do a tiny border (maybe 1 cm?) between each month, which should bring me up to 196 cm, or…
  2. I’ll ditch the border between each month, and unpick the black and instead do a long bit (10 cm or so) of the colour of the first and last row, on the top and bottom.

I’ll have to decide soon, because the additional yarn I had to order, because I stupidly only bought one ball of each of the winter colours (and also, the grape is more pink than purple so I’m considering replacing it with lavender, which I also ordered, just to see how it looks like), will arrive next week!

And for some extra nerdery, here’s a bit of my spreadsheet fun I’m playing around with as I knit:

This is just a graph I put into a Google Spreadsheets doc, based on the columns of temperature and dates I added. Nothing fancy at all, but I love the purple.

The purple are the low and the blue are the high temperature reported from a weather station near my home here in Sweden. At first I did the average temperature, but as you can see the high and low varies a lot during a day, and it just resulted in swaths of blue every single day. So now I’m doing the low temperature during winter (December-February) and autumn (September-November) and the high during the rest of the year, just to get a good range of colours.

And this is the colour chart I made. I’ll probably swap out the purple bordeaux for something else (or just do anything over 24°C red, since I already omitted the black, and am now using Amethyst for anything below -4°C, as I needed the black for the border) because the colours that arrived are so much brighter than they look here.

Anyway, very excited about this longterm project, and hoping that my ADHD won’t get in the way of actually finishing it.