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020: Seed packets

This is possibly a bit niche and definitely completely unnecessary, but a fun thing with ADHD is that sometimes you just Have To Do Things, and this weekend that Thing was making little envelopes to put all my flower and vegetables seeds in so they’d be uniform. Previously they ranged from jars, to coffee filters (wrapped up and taped closed), and regular ones I’d bought. And then I found a glass jar to put them in. And then, suddenly, I was slaughtering a notebook for it’s pretty papers, and figured out how to make these in the perfect size, and I honestly just want to remember how I did it in case I need more. So, picture time, because just writing down the instructions without a step-by-step is useless, as I found when I tried to ask the internet how to do this.

This is the finished product! It has type, name and year they were bought or picked on the front. If they’re commercial seeds I cut out and taped the instructions on the back, but left the top untaped, so I could tuck the top of the envelope underneath it.

I happened to have these laying around, so that’s what I used. They also happened to be 15 cm (6ish inches) along the short side, so that’s the size I cut, which will give you an envelope that’s 9×6 cm (3.5×2.5ish inches).

So, cut a 15 cm square. Fold it from corner to corner, and then mark 6 cm in from the edge on both sides. (I forgot to take a picture of the actual marks. Arrows will have to do.)


Fold the sides in like this! Stand it up on it’s edge, to take a good picture.

Once you’ve folded the sides in, also fold the first of the top pieces down. Then, fold out the sides again (you only folded them first to get the top thing to line up, you see), and glue the top down like this. Glue isn’t really necessary because it’ll keep together anyway but seeds are sometimes tiny so I did it to be safe.

Then, forget what you’re doing, finish a dozen envelopes and then realise that OH RIGHT, it’s tutorial time. Continue with pictures, although you’re now using a white paper, not a green. So, unfold it again, and glue only the triangle I marked out, because you need to be able to tuck the tips in for the next step, and you can’t do that if the bottom is glued.

Fold it back up, and then fold in the sides (glue them down if you want!), and tuck them together like this.

And then you have this! I folded some extra envelopes too, because I ordered some more seeds online, and I want somewhere to put them when they arrive! I’m way more about vegetables than flowers, but when they arrive I will have the following:

carrot x 2 (regular, and mixed colour),
beets x 2 (regular and striped),
tomatoes x 2 (regular, yellow tiny tomatoes),
sugar snap peas,
broccoli (failed last year, trying again),
cucumber (I have no idea how to grow cucumber),
bell pepper (have never successfully grown bell pepper),
physalis (saved from a fruit),
butternut squash (also saved from a fruit).

marigold (picked off last year’s flowers, that were picked off the previous year’s flowers, etc, you can do this endlessly),
runner beans (which I grow for the flowers, and just save the beans to plant the following year, so I count them as flowers),
Indian cress,
two kinds of tiny blue flowers,
gigantic red sunflowers.

Summer can’t come soon enough.