Books of 2018

Claims of not being a book blogger aside, I do read a lot and me and a couple of friends always make and use our own book bingo card every year. This year I made us three. I’m not going to be 100% on updating this page, but hopefully I’ll come back every now and then and add what I’ve read since.

And if someone happened to come upon this page and want to borrow these, you can! Just link back to me.

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¹ GoodReads Choice Awards
² GoodReads magical recommendation feature
³ The 16 Best Books of 2017 by Black Authors

01. A short story collection
02. Debut author
03. A GoodReads Choice Awards Winner (any category)
04. A book about a global issue you find important
05. A book that’s more than 100 years old
06. A book by or about a person with mental illness
07. A book translated to English
08. #ownvoices
09. A memoir or biography
10. A book with a queer main character
11. Non-fiction by a diverse author
12. Something from your ‘to read’ shelf on GoodReads
13. A book with a one word title
14. A graphic novel
15. A book with a POC main character
16. A book you heard about online
17. A fantasy novel written by a WOC
18. A science fiction or horror novel
19. A book from the The Best 16 Books of 2017 by Black Authors list.

20. A novella:
The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley ★★★★☆

21. A book GoodReads recommended to you
22. A book by or about an indigenous person or culture
23. A book that’s more than 500 pages
24. A book with a disabled main character

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01: Fantasy or fairytale
02: A middle grade or young adult novel
03: Recommended by a friend
04: Something old
05: A book by your favourite author
06: Something new
07: A book you’ve read before
08: A non-fiction book

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¹ There isn’t a lot of #ownvoices non-fiction lists, but there are a few recommendations at the bottom of this page.
² The 19 Best Non-Fiction Books of 2017

01. Topic: LGBT+ or gender
02. #ownvoices
03. Close to home (literally or emotionally)
04. Recommended by a friend
05. Topic: feminism or women’s issues
06. Something from the 19 Best Non-Fiction Books of 2017 list
07. Topic: history or politics
08. Not written by a cishet male