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I’m Kaia/Karin/Kakan, depending on the person. I’m an easily distracted, always enthusiastic wielder of words, knitting needles, and occasionally garden shears. I’m mostly a Hufflepuff with a Gryffindor streak and vague Ravenclaw tendencies. I have chronic mental health issues (it’s a very long, very boring story) and do most of my work from home.

I’ve been writing since I was eight, cross stitched since I was fourteen and knitted since I was twenty-four(ish) and I rather wish I’d been a genius who’d started writing stories age four, because that would’ve made a very nice sentence, wouldn’t it?

Gardening helps my mental health. I’ll probably post pictures of my garden, should I actually actively use this blog as more than a placeholder. Once spring/summer hits, anyway.

I mostly want to use this blog to post recipes I don’t want to forget, book reviews I don’t want to lose, random knitting patterns I made up (super thinking about becoming a pattern writer! unless I get distracted by something else shiny — this happens a lot), and of course writing about writing.

Here’s to fresh starts and new blogs.