018: Books of January

There is NO WAY I’ll be able to keep this up for the entire year, but I’m going to start out all hopeful, intending to write about the books I’ve read in the last month. Let’s see how often that ends up happening!

Goal for the year: 50 books.
Books read by January 31st: 6.5. Ish.
Books ahead of schedule: 2.

Book bingo: fiction: 3 of 16 books read.
Goal for the month: 1.33, so 1.77 ahead of schedule, if books came in decimals.

Book bingo: non-fiction: 2 of 16 books read.
Goal for the month: 1.33, so 0.77 ahead of schedule, if books, again, came in decimals.


Halloween Is Not a Verb (Belladonna University #4) by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Date: January 7th-9th
Stars: ★★★★☆

My review for this book is, and I quote “This is the most Tansy story”. Which is true! But not very informative. Idk, guys, I’m not a big reviewer, but reading Tansy’s stuff is always like coming home, somehow. It’s nice and comfortable and fluffy and fun, and that goes double for Belladonna University, which is the ebook versions of the serials she reads on her podcast.

Truly, Wildly Deeply by Jenny McLachlan

Date: January 4th-11th
Stars: ★★★☆☆

Also not a very wordy review (which actually, was in my Instagram stories, not on GoodReads): “Not a favourite, sadly. The disability stuff was really well done, but I want more out of YA romance than I was given”. That about sums it up. I loved a book where the main character was disabled but it was just a small part of her. Her struggles, her not-struggles (being disabled doesn’t mean everything sucks, guys), all that. But the romance? No, thanks. And not just because the guy in question doesn’t take no for an answer and tells her she’s not the girl he thought she was when he sees her kiss someone else.

Kring denna kropp by Stina Wollter

Date: January 11th-14th
Stars: ★★★★☆

This one has an actual review, though I liked what I put in my stories more, which was this: “I loved this book so much, and wish it existed in translation. Stina Wollter is the kindest force of nature I know, and I want to share her words on body positivity and feminism and creativity with EVERYONE.”

This is a book in Swedish about body positivity, but the review is in English, should you want to go and read it.


Fake Geek Girl (Belladonna University #1) by Tansy Rayner Roberts

Date: January 16th
Stars: ★★★★☆

I admit it. I read this before it was on GoodReads, and didn’t grade it then, and was suddenly REALLY BOTHERED by the lack of stars and a reading date, so I quickly re-read it. I love it still, and the above ‘review’ of Halloween pretty much covers what I feel about this book as well.

Release by Patrick Ness

Date: January 15th-18th
Stars: ★★★★☆

Also has a review, go me! There are quotes from it as well in it so go read that instead. I’m just gonna tell you that it’s EVERYTHING, gut punchy and amazing and emotional. The way it depicts Adam’s sex life is so much, and I love it. So yeah, read this book. It would’ve been five stars easily, had there not been a bit of a fantasy element that I didn’t much care for woven into Adam’s story.

Hamilton: the Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Date: January 26th-28th
Stars: ★★★★★

Loved this one so much. I do wish I’d splurged on the hard cover, because reading it on my computer (reading it on my Kindle didn’t work AT ALL, so the Kindle app it was) was a pain and required a lot of zooming in and out and back and forth.

Other than that (and let’s be real, that was a me-issue, not a book-issue), I LOVED this book. The annotations in the lyrics were great, the peeks into Lin-Manuel’s notebooks were super cool, and the in between bits following a different actor and the way from an idea to a show was awesome.

I’m going to make a little cut here and put in some pictures of quotes I screenshotted, because I can do that. They’re not that clear because of the zoom issue, but I want them here anyway.


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