013: #fallforbooksmugglers, day 1-14

Okay, so I’m an old lady of the internet  and want to save some of my Instagram content onto here, so I don’t lose it. Today this will be my #fallforbooksmugglers month because I almost completely finished it! Which is a struggle with month long challenges. This is super image heavy, and got really long so I’m dividing it on several posts.

Day 1: last SF/F read: Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire (4 stars). Still have 18% to go but it still counts! This novella was a happy surprise too because I wasn’t a huge fan of book 1 in the series.

Day 2: favourite SF/F read in 2018 (so far!): Impossible to choose, but I decided to give Swedish fantasy writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren some love. Her book Norra Latin, book 1 of Stockholmsserien (review, 5 stars), is about a girl who moves to Stockholm to go to a theatre high school since her local high school doesn’t offer that program.

Side note: In Swedish you have to choose a focus from the start and the classes are tailored to that, with some base classes everyone takes regardless of what you choose. Some of the less common options are only available in bigger cities.

Either way: the school is an old, amazing building (which in reality hasn’t been a school since the 1980s) home to some supernatural fun stuff. The two main characters are both queer, and it took some getting into but I really liked it. As far as I know it hasn’t been translated to English.

Day 3: Memorable book cover: I couldn’t decide, but I like these three a lot. Sunshine by Robin McKinley (review, 5 stars) because it SPARKLES in the light, Agnes Cecilia by Maria Gripe (review, 3 stars), because in the early nineties a tiny Karin thought it was the prettiest ever, and Doomsday Book by Connie Willis (review, 5 stars) because it’s so damn creepy.


Day 4: Book store snap: I had to go all the way back to December 2016 to find a pic of my favourite bookstore in Stockholm, as the one here in town (two spec fic shelves, half the store is stationery, etc) is all but exciting. Sadly I accidentally cut out half the dragon on the sign when I took the picture.

Day 5: World I’d want to visit: There are a MILLION of these, but Tansy Rayner Roberts’ ebooks about an Australian share house at a partially magical university is so much fun. If my uni time was anything like this I would’ve been much happier, and possibly actually ended up with a degree.

Btw, the books are: Fake Geek Girl (5 stars), The Bromancers (review, 4 stars), Unmagical Boy Story (5 stars), The Alchemy of Fine (4 stars), haven’t read Halloween Is Not a Verb yet. They’re not all on here because the covers didn’t match.

(Also, disclaimer: Tansy is a friend, but I love them anyway.)

Day 6: favourite place to read: I ended up with three different gardens, so I guess my answer is “outside, in summer”. Cat is optional but very nice. (There is one outside the frame in the second pic, a lot of my summer reading is done keeping my cat company because she’s afraid to be outside by herself. The black one belongs to my parents and is less jumpy and mostly annoyed I’m encroaching on his napping territory.)

(Day 7: must follow bookstagrammer: This is when I realised that I follow NO book instas (or blogs!) so I have nothing to add. Will work on this.)


Day 8: New-to-you author: My house ate the book I meant to use for this so instead I’m sharing this. My friend James sends me random books every now and then, usually by authors I’ve either never read or never heard of. These are a few of them, of which I’ve only read I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson (review, 5 stars) so far, but I’ll get there eventually! So many books, so little time.

Day 9: fall to-be-read list. I don’t do seasonal lists, but these are some of the books I need to read to finish my three bingo challenges I made at the beginning of the year. 17 books to go still, oops. Since this post I’ve read Färjan (translated title: Blood Cruise) by Mats Strandberg (review, 4 stars) and Syskonkärlek (has been translated to Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and German, but not English) by Katarina von Bredow (review, 2.5 stars, sadly the suck fairy had visited).


Day 10: a woman to read: This is a tricky one to choose for me because I almost exclusively read female authors. (So far this year: 32 female, 6 male, 1 non binary, that’s 82%!) But as soon as my house gives them back because it ate them I’ll read these two books by female authors.

Day 11: Bookmark. I don’t own that many because I’m a heathen who folds corner (tiny ones! I get twitchy when people fold huge ones), and the ones I have I mainly use to keep track of where I am in knitting charts, but I do have these two.


Day 12: page 56 of your current read. I went to the library today, hunting for books in Swedish. I found this one, which I’m choosing despite not having started it since I’m between books. (Also, this is page 65, not page 56, but I didn’t want to retake the picture. (Also, open in new tab for full size if you want to read.)


Day 13: SF/F must read. Only Ever Always by Penni Russon. I don’t hear people talk about it, so it seemed like a good one to pick. The language is fascinating and I love it.

Day 14: fictional BFF. Ginny Weasley is possibly a boring answer, but she’s always been my favourite. I will throw down with people who claim she’s an asshole, which has happened more than once. And yes, I’m still a little mad of the way she was treated in the last book, and I can talk for a long time about how ridiculous it is to have three children really young while also being a professional athlete. That’s not how sports work, people! Not for women.

(Credit to the original artist, whose Tumblr I added to the picture to not forget where I got it.)


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