011: Knitting pattern #1

Here’s my first pattern! Or I’ve been making patterns for literally yearssss but they’ve just been hanging around on my hard drive, half written. So let’s do this.

I call these Claudie for the person I made them for. I’m Bad At Names (ask anyone who’s helped me name a writing project) so that’s usually how I name them. I’m going to make this available on Ravelry too (here), but I’m putting it here too.

One size, which translates to three inches wide and ten inches tall, worked with about 1.5 inches negative ease. If your underarm is bigger than 8 inches around measured halfway between wrist and elbow, go up a needle size.

• About 60 grams of worsted weight yarn, 30 grams per colour. Sample is knit using Viking of Norway Superwash (50 gram/100 m, 100% merino) in black (main colour), and a Sandnes Smart (50 gram/100 m, 100% superwash wool) in petrol (contrast colour). These two yarns may or may not be available outside of Scandinavia.
• US6/4 mm circular or double pointed needles
• 2 stitch markers

5.5 sts and 7 rows per inch.

Cast on 40 sts in MC.

P2 (MC), K2 (CC), repeat to end. Repeat this for 6 rows or as long as you prefer your ribbing.

K 1 row in MC.

Then, because two colour ribbing is the opposite of stretchy, decrease a few sts to adjust for this:

[K3, k2tog], repeat to end. 32 sts.

Note: Or you could just work the ribbing on larger needles, but the quick-and-easy part of this pattern included not bothering with such things. You do you.

Alternate three rows of each colour until you have ten stripes or about 13 cm/5 inches. Use the jogless stripe technique if you wish. (I did!)

K one row of your 11th stripe, and then:

Set up row: K16, pm, m1, pm, k to end.

1. K all.
2. K 16, sl m, m1, k1, m1, sl m, k to end.
3. K all.

Repeat rows 1-3 until you have 15 sts between markers. Work one more row (this should be the second row of your 11th stripe), then remove markers and place the 15 sts on scrap yarn.

Continue knitting stripes as before until you have 20 stripes, or 2.5 cm/1 inch shorter than desired length. Make sure the last stripe is in MC.

P2 (MC), K2 (CC) for three rows.

K 1 row in MC (otherwise the third row of ribbing will be obscured by the cast off edge), then cast off loosely.

Put sts back on needles. Using CC, knit 15 sts, pick up enough sts to cover the hole that will otherwise occur (for me this was 4 sts). On the next row, decrease the same amount you picked up.

Knit one more stripe (MC). On the last row, increase 5 sts evenly, for 20 sts total.

Work three rows of ribbing in the established pattern (purl MC, knit CC), followed by one row in MC. Cast off using MC.

Weave in ends and bam, you’re done.


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  1. Cosmo says:

    I have a hard drive with half written patterns too. Maybe one day I’ll get round to finishing one.

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